New Smaller Softie

I have been making 4 inch handpainted animal pillows that can be seen on my etsy  under – “really small pillows”

Right now on the painting stretchers is a nice fat cat!

new mini pills (pillows)

Well, i do really love these little pillows I’ve been handpainting all week.   Going to list one of the Boston Terrier pillows in a minute.  I had this vision of sewing an O ring on the back and stringing them and wearing a bunch of Boston Terrier & Friends around my neck.  HOwever, it didnt really look that great.  Maybe it is best to let them just sit around.  Do you have any ideas?


do you like my new little boston terrier softies?

well,  i had so many cute little friends i was hoping to paint, i stretched out a piece of canvas and started sketching them ALL!  Here are the first three little boston terriers that came out: Lolo, Pebbles and Unyen (does that count for ‘Onion’?).  I also thought these might be a good, cute pillow offering at one quarter of the cost of my regular size Boston Terrier Pillows (16 x 20 inches for $48).  These are about 4 inches and $12 each.  Please tell me what you think.